Why Invest In Gold – And Why Gold Bullion?

Why Invest In Gold?

For thousands of years gold has been used as money and a medium of exchange. Gold used to back all currencies in the world. Then, in 1971 everything changed!

US President Nixon suspended the convertibility the dollar to gold. He effectively removed the world from a gold standard. This inevitably led the unlimited printing paper money evaluation of all paper currencies.

And today the global financial system is at risk, like in no other time in history the US faces $18 trillion of home-grown debt. Entire nations are now bordering on bankruptcy and for the average citizen it means since buying less and less.

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The means higher debt means ever higher prices with lower and lower interest rates. It’s a simple fact that savings can be wiped out within hours, so how can we protect ourselves and create a more secure financial future, starting right now?

Well the answer is simple, start acquiring physical gold Now!

An ounce of gold buys the same today as it did 2000 years ago! Gold is the only competitor to national currencies and it is the only money in comparison these money substitutes. Gold is financial insurance.

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