Why Buy Gold? Karatbars Presentation

Why should you own gold?

Paper money is backed by nothing but confidence the public give it. Known as a fiat currencies, paper money used to be backed by gold and silver which acted as a store of value.

Why does this matter? Well over time paper currencies lose their value and appreciate. If you bought a basket of consumer goods if you years ago the amount you paid will only buy you a few of those items today.

However, if you had purchased the same basket of goods with gold then the same amount of gold today would buy you pretty much the same amount of goods. So Gold acts as a hedge against inflation.

It can act as a pension you control.

Gold is great if you save it over the long term and it can act as a store of value for your savings and pension for example.

It is an affordable asset to own as opposed to property for example.

It’s easy to store. Karatbars offer customers the ability to buy small quantities of pure LBMA accredited and certified gold bullion by the gram.

They offer free storage in Germany can have your gold ingots delivered for you to store where ever you wish and their latest innovation, cash gold, enables you to carry banknotes containing these gold ingots in your wallet or purse.

It is easy to liquidate and turn back into fiat currencies anywhere in the world. You can go into any jeweller in the world or transacted online.

It’s a great store of wealth. An ounce of gold today would buy roughly the same as it did thousand years ago.

It needs no maintenance and it’s indestructible. For example, if you had a house, a piece of artwork or a classic car these are easily destroyed whereas your gold may only melt in a fire but it is then easily retrieved again.

In one of the most important reasons to own gold is that you do not have to rely on banks, governments or third parties in case of insolvency.

The biggest reason to own gold in my opinion is when you look at how gold has increased year-on-year since 2001. It has returned on average over 12% in pounds sterling terms per annum which is far better than the bank or savings account that I know of. Visit: goldprice.org for proof!