Where To Buy Gold – Karatbars Customer Review

Where To Buy Gold – Karatbars Customer Review

This video about Karatbars international is aimed at customers wishing to purchase gold in small amounts on a regular basis.

Looks at why you should want to buy gold and looks at the Karatbars range and how to purchase.

Karatbars has a range of birthday, celebration and gift cards for sale as well as personalised cards for charities, sports team, businesses and individuals wanting to upload their own images.

Karatbars has many partnerships with organisations around the world including the Vatican, Hollywood producers, Real Madrid and other sports professionals. These often include licensing agreements only available to trustworthy companies.

To find out more about Where To Buy Gold  and register for a free gold savings account visit: http://goldsecrets.org.

Karatbars uses FedEx to deliver all their secure products and MasterCard to conduct transactions. They have been delivering products to over hundreds 20 countries throughout the world without issue since the company started in 2011.

Why own Gold? Well it is a hedge against inflation, it is a store of wealth and it’s easy to liquidate. Other reasons mean that you can save for a college funds or pension that you control and it is easy to store-Karatbars offers free storage for all its customers.

It acts as a fantastic high interest savings account. In US dollars gold has returned nearly 11% per annum since 2001 and in pounds sterling gold returns over 30% in 2016 alone! Far better than any other savings account in the world…

Video then looks at how few people own gold and why Karatbars is a great way to save is the price you buy at is extremely competitive if not the best available for 1 g, 2.5 g, and 5 g quantities.

All Karatbars gold comes from an accredited LBMA refinery. It only supplies 24 karat, 999.9% pure gold protected with a certificate of authenticity, serial number and hologram all sealed into a durable plastic card that easily fits in your wallet.

These DNA security features make all Karatbars ingots fraud proof and with the new range of CashGold banknotes containing 0.1 g, 0.2 g, 0.4 g and 0.6 g amounts it makes owning Karatbars even more sense.

Finally the video takes a look at Karatpay which is soon to be launched as an app which allows you to transact via your gold account for products and services all over the world, especially in K-exchange shops.

If you want to get started it’s free to register for a lifetime account and you can buy from 1 g whenever you wish there are no hidden monthly charges and you get free storage. There is also a special customer offer of a 3% off bonus card and access to a customer fast start guide. And series of videos if you visit

To see the full video and to register for a free gold savings account visit: http://solidgoldopportunity.com