Karatbars Websites Review pt3

Karatbars Websites Review pt3 – Presentations and Compliance Downloads Page

You can find the downloads page in the generals tab within the Karatbars website once you are logged in.

In choosing the language you will find that there is a list of titles, each containing PDF documents relating to the heading.

The postings on this sites are my personal opinions and do not represent the positions, strategies and opinions of Karatbars international GmbH.

For example the general information drop-down contains PDF documents on social media compliance, K-exchange center explanation, Karatbars prepaid MasterCard and CashGold information.

All of these the compliance PDFs are the most important in that they give guidance to prospective business partners and affiliates on how to conduct marketing to stay within the company is required legal boundaries.

In the presentations drop-down you will find useful PDF documents on company presentations which include details of company ethos and details of its products and services. Also contains information on the compensation for prospective business partners.

In the terms conditions drop-down there is further legal information for people wishing to buy gold or business packages.

The incentives drop-down gives a brief description of company incentives for those business partners have achieved certain targets and is open to everyone.

The logos drop-down provides image downloads for websites and blogs et cetera.

The KYC drop-down has a detailed PDF on the process of verifying your account. This requires you to submits passports identification and proof of address information to the company so they can prove you are who so you are in case you require delivery of your Karatbars gold bullion. see my video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIyn-KXU0W8

You can see a full presentation and register for a free account at: goldsecrets.org or solidgoldopportunity.com