Karatbars Website Review pt9 – Country Karatbars

Country Karatbars

You can find the country Karatbars section under the product purchased menu within the Karatbars website. Top of the list and the latest card to be released is the Greece country card which has the trademark 1 g gold bullion bar embedded.

Karatbars do a whole range of different country Karatbars cards ranging from the USA, Vietnam’s, Bahamas, UK, Scotland, Spain, Mexico, Taiwan, Canada, Germany, and Ireland just to name a few.

All Karatbar country cards contain a 999.9% 24 karat pure gold bullion ingot from an accredited LBMA refinery. Each bar also has DNA security features, a certificate of authenticity and a serial number embedded within.

Many of the designs feature country flags or logos within an attractive design. Even without their inherent value they make great collector cards which are easy to store, transport and affordable.

If you would like to buy one of these Karatbars country cards, then please visit http://www.karatcustomers.com and register for a free account. Once registered all you need to do is upload some ID and then you can purchase your gold cards.

All deliveries are via FedEx secure courier and payment can be made easily with a credit card or bank transfer.

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