Karatbars Website Review Pt4 – KYC’s, K-Exchange and World of Charity

Karatbars Website Review Pt4-KYC’s, K-Exchange and World of Charity

In the profile menu drop-down in the Karatbars back-office you will see where you can view and edit your profile, passwords and preferences.

There are also menus for KYC’s, K-exchange and world of charity.

KYC’s – Know Your Customer

Here you can upload proof of identification such as a photo ID in the form of a drivers license or passport and also a proof of address in the form of a utility bill.

Once these are uploaded and approved you will then be able to begin purchasing Karatbars products from the website.


If you are a business or shop you are able to register with Karatbars as a K-exchange centre.

This enables you to receive Karatbars gold products such as their bullion cards or CashGold banknotes in exchange for your goods or services.

The menu allows you to add your business to the system.

World of Charity

World of Charity

In this part of the website you will be able to upload a picture of a person who has received a donation from yourself of the world of charity 0.1 g gold card.

There are also incentives if you give away a lot of these cards to deserving members of the public who can then also pass them on, use them in a K-exchange centre or register their own free gold account using your sponsor ID.

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