Karatbars Top Earners – How To Be A Highest Earner In Karatbars

Gold Director CardHow To Be One of  the Top or Higher Earners In Karatbars.

Becoming a high earner in Karatbars does take some work but in this short article I introduce you to one of the top earners and show you how they have built a large team in just over 3 years.

Brian McGinty is one of Karatbars Top Earners from Northern Ireland, UK and he has reached his highest earners ranking because of 3 simple steps:

  1. He has been able to generate quality leads.
  2. He is promoting an extremely valuable asset/product
  3. He has developed relationships with his team and customers

Brian has built a team of over 9000 customers and business partners in over 100 countries and he has only been promoting Karatbars for just over three years.

He has been able to generate quality leads through different mediums both online and off-line using companies like advert anywhere and YouTube.

Take a look at the video below to see how well Brian presents the Karatbars business opportunity.

If you would like to join Brian’s team click here

Of course it helps if you’re promoting one of the best products in the world, namely gold. And that is where Karatbars comes in because you just cannot beat gold as a product on asset to promote.

It doesn’t act like a lotion or potion where it can end up stored and used in a garage or bathroom where once bought its value is next to nothing.

What does it mean to be a Karatbars Gold Director?

To put it bluntly, it means a lot of money in commissions. You have to have over 200 separate transactions and help a lot of people to succeed in their own Karatbars business to get to this level.

Brian produces a lot of content via the medium of videos, Facebook posts, blog posts, Twitter feeds and email newsletters to help his team members.

And Brian is looking for five people to train and mentor within the group to become gold directors themselves.

This is what Brian say’s about his Karatbars success:

I joined Karatbars to make €100K a year in commissions and to put 10% of it away into gold for my pension. When i’m 60 Ill turn it into whatever the currency is at that time.. in whatever country I happen to be in!

I wasn’t interested in MlM, health foods, drinks, potions or lotions and have no time for Forex, Cyclers, revshares or prelaunches… My background was retail, finance and property so Karatbars was a great fit for my interests.

Everyone has a different reason for buying gold and joining Karatbars. That’s what makes it such an exciting business. It is my personal mission to help as many people experience financial freedom through Karatbars as possible!

If you would like to join Brian’s team visit: www.karataffiliates.com