Karatbars Release CashGold Banknotes Gold Bars

The new CashGold notes from Karatbars international will be released from 9 January 2017 and will include 0.1 g, 0.2 g, 0.4 g and 0.6 g notes with further denominations to follow.

They and feel like genuine banknotes to ensure everyday practicality and their physical dimensions means they will fit into the usual wallet or purse perfectly.

These attractive notes come with special security features as those described by the European technical and scientific centre (ETSC).

Each note will be protected against counterfeiting with state of the art visible and invisible security features making them extremely difficult to copy.

One security element consists of a non-holographic, spectre based technology as well as nano text today’s grey and colourless in the central viewing position.

Superimposed over the design is another effect viewable when the note is rotated 90° in an oblique position.

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