Karatbars Packages Explained – Bronze, Silver, Gold, VIP & Premium

Karatbars Packages Explained – Bronze, Silver, Gold, VIP & Premium

Karatbars helps astute savers convert devaluing paper cash into appreciating gold assets. It does this by helping you accumulate small quantities of 24 karat pure gold bullion on a regular basis to protect from the ravages of inflation or to save an nest egg.

You can also join the company as a business partner and earn commissions from gold sales to people who want to save an appreciating asset. What better way to help others than to help them protect their wealth.

You can do this by buying a marketing package which are effectively tools to help you build your Karatbars business.

Karatbars Bronze Package

Contained within the Karatbars bronze package is a 0.1 g CashGold banknotes, a bronze pin, 2 x 3% off bonus cards, 2 x €100 bonus cards, image brochures, gold brochures, K exchange brochures, branding cards brochures, a presentation and the compensation plan. Cost = €125

Karatbars Silver Package

In addition to the Bronze package the silver package contains a 1 g classic Karatbars card. Cost = €349

Karatbars Gold Package

In addition to the silver package you get 14 x 3% bonus cards, 14 X €100 bonus cards and 2 X 1g gold cards. Cost = €793

VIP Package

VIP package is really a business in a box it contains all of the previously listed items in the other packages but contains even more bonus cards brochures and 3 x 1g gold cards. Cost = €1917

To Register for Free visit: karataffiliates.com

All the packages are delivered to your home by FedEx courier delivery and the value within the packages exceed the actual cost of the package.

The beauty of the Karatbars business is that you can start at any time at any level and you can upgrade your package at any time and you only pay the difference between packages. There are no subscription fees or charges but you bought your package and they are easily purchased within the back office via debit or credit card.

Karatbars Premium Packages

These are for serious business people and are more expensive than the other packages.

Inside these packages you get 15 x CashGold, 50 x profit cards (this combination of the 3% discount card and €100 bonus card), 2 x 3-D metal cards, 5 x 1g classic Karatbars gold card, all of the brochures plus, 2 x sunglasses, 1 x 1 g gold coin, 1 x automatic wristwatch and 20 x 0.1 g business cards.

The great thing about the premium packages are that you effectively have bought shares in the company and you can earn an income from the number of CashGold banknotes sold around the world. This fantastic offer ends in April 2017 so hurry.

Cost = €4116 to €8434