Karatbars MLM – Is Karatbars Just Another MLM Business Opportunity?

Karatbars MLM, Pyramid Or Scam?

From the outset I need to state that Karatbars is Not an MLM company or a pyramid scheme or a scam!

The main reason is that there is no cost to start as a customer or business partner with Karatbars international. After you sign up you can order gold, gift products, cosmetics, branding cards or sporting cards without the need for membership fees or charges.

In fact you do not even need to buy any gold with Karatbars to participate in the business partner program and you will still earn a small commission or referral fee if you invite others to join. However, if you wish to learn greater commissions you can participate by buying a marketing package which starts from €125.

Join The Karatbars Team Here: Karatbars.com


Another reason that Karatbars is not an MLM business is that there is no requirements for any members to personally buy gold monthly to receive group commissions.

So many other network marketing companies and MLM businesses require you to buy a minimum amount of product or stock each month, which if you do not sell stagnates in your garage!

Most MLM companies have a limit of 6, 7 or 8 levels which means you are constantly looking for new people to add to your frontline i.e. you cannot personally sponsor an unlimited amount of people to your frontline. This is a major weakness for most MLM companies.

With Karatbars dual team system you have an unlimited down line rather than just six or seven levels which equals unlimited income potential and this is done by building two teams.

The last reason why Karatbars is not an MLM company is because you do not lose any unused units each week or each month. They stay on your account until you cycle with your two teams.

Karatbars is nowhere near an MLM company. They are a German e-commerce company selling affordable gold by the gram with an affiliate program operating in over 120 countries worldwide.

So Karatbars MLM? – don’t think so!

Definitions of pyramid and Ponzi scheme:

Business directory.com defines a pyramid scheme as a chain recruiting scam in which the main objective is to continuously bringing new members normally known as sales reps or investors to sell anything of perceived value. In this scheme A recruits B and C who in turn recruit D and E and F and letter G who in turn recruit… And so on. Every member pays an entrance fee which is divided amongst the recruiter right up to the originator of the scheme. Charade continues until the structure collapses from the ever-growing need for more and more recruits.

Investopedia states:
a Ponzi scheme is similar to a pyramid scheme in that both are based on using new investors funds to pay for the earlier backers or recruiters. One difference between the two schemes is that a Ponzi mastermind gathers all the relevant funds from investors and then distribute them whereas pyramid schemes allow each investor to directly benefit depending on how many new investors are recruited which means the person top does not have access to all of the money.

If you would like to take a closer look Karatbars opportunity either as a customer who wishes to buy affordable gold regular basis or as a business partner looking for a great business opportunity then please visit: www.solidgoldopportunity.com and watch the company videos.

You will find a link to the Karatbars website where you can register for a completely free account. Alternatively visit www.karataffiliates.com to join.