Karatbars International Website Overview pt1

Karatbars Website Review pt1

Karatbars has a wealth of free information about the company and its products on its website, Karatbars.com

It’s home page showcases some of its products with the company video and the current price of gold in grams. There is also the login area if you are registered.

Above the main page is a menubar where further information can be found. In the business drop-down menu there are links to the company profile, its philosophy and introduction to the Karatbars team and how Karatbars delivers its gold bullion products.

The gold drop-down menu showcases the history of gold, why customers should consider buying gold, what the experts say about holding 10% of your net investable wealth in gold and further information on small gold bars.

The products menu lists the different types of Karatbars available. There are Karatbars gold cards in 1 g, 2.5 g and 5 g sizes as well as country cards, collector cards, special cards and the company’s unique branding cards where sports clubs, charities and businesses can have their own images printed on the card with gold ingot embedded within it.

The world of charity menu drop-down has information about Karatbars supported charities.

Within the shop menu you can find most of the Karatbars product range including the unique soccer or sports team cards, cosmetic range, dietary supplements and the new CashGold banknotes.

The K-exchange menu lists businesses all over the world that will accept Karatbars gold cards for exchange for different products and services.

There is also link to their blog and the menu on the company’s support page, privacy policy and FAQs.

Above this menu there is also an area where you can register for a free account (use sponsor ID: forlanteam) to become a business partner or customer. www.karatcustomers.com

Further information and to see a full review presentation then visit: http://www.goldsecrets.org

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