Karatbars International Review 2016

Karatbars International Review

The first thing I want to address in this Karatbars review is the company, who are Karatbars and is it a scam? Well in answer to the latter is NO, Karatbars International is NOT a scam and if you watch the video you will see why.

In answering the former question, Karatbars are a 6 year old German eCommerce company with over 400,000 customers and business partners in over 120 countries. They are completely debt free and produce the highest LBMA accredited 999.9 24 karat Gold bullion in the industry to make it affordable to the masses by making the bars in small 1g, 2.5g and 5gram sizes.

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The review starts with Why buy Gold and then goes on to show how Gold has kept pace with inflation and in many cases out stripped other commodities and currencies for value.

We should all be buying Gold for many reasons and these are examined along with recommendations from the experts like Mike Maloney and Robert Kiyosaki.

We then look at the spot price versus the retail price and explain why not all Gold is worth buying especially when looking at storage (Karatbars is Free) certification and security.

Next up we look at the product range with gift cards, Branding cards, Collector cards, Partnerships and sponsorship deals that legitimize the company, like the deal with the Vatican and Real Madrid.

Karatbars also have partnerships with Hollywood as with the new Marco Polo movie and Deprivation The Movie as well as various Charities.

We also take a look at delivery of these highly prized product and FedEx who Karatbars uses for all their logistics.

In the second part of the video we look at the business opportunity that Karatbars has for anyone seeking a solid business with low start up and fantastic income potential. If this is something you might be interested in the you will need a Marketing Package and all the commission structures are shown on how you will actually be paid.

Apart from getting a free account did I also mention all training and support is free too!

To learn more then head over to solidgoldopportunity.com and watch the other videos or go to solidgoldopportunity.com/free-karatbars-account/ to get your free account.

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