Karatbars Gold – The Best Network Marketing Opportunity?

Karatbars-International-Corporate-TeamIf you are looking to buy cheap certified Gold bars by the gram you need to watch this video.

Similarly if you are looking for a fantastic business or network marketing opportunity then this has to rank as one of the best.

Karatbars International is NOT a scam! It is a ethical German ecommerce company bringing affordable Gold ownership and education to the masses. It has many partnerships with the Vatican, sports teams (like Real Madrid) and sports personalities.

Gold ownership has proved one of the best stores of value there is. Check out this video comparing Gold to Paper money over a 12 year period – http://solidgoldopportunity.com/gold-is-money-cash-is-trash-heres-the-proof/

With an economic crash around the corner astute investors are flooding to Gold to protect their wealth, and YOU should too!

Watch the Full Presentation Below:

Karatbars have an extensive range of products from Gold bullion by the gram (1g, 2.5g and 5g), Cosmetics and health products to gift cards, collector cards and branding cards. All are certified 999.9% pure 24karat Gold bullion.

Many people save their Karatbars as a store of wealth for things like a pension, college or university fund or just to save for the long term.

Karatbars Simple Business Model

  1. Offer a free Gold savings account
  2. Earn a commission when a purchase is made

All you need to be a business partner is to register as an affiliate here and buy a business package starting from $135 up to $2187 depending on how much commission you wish to earn. There are no other fees, charges or commissions!

What Is The Market?

  1. Anyone over 18 in 120 countries
  2. Anyone who buys gift cards for Birthdays etc.
  3. Businesses who want a branding card
  4. Charities looking to raise money
  5. Sports clubs looking for additional income from fans
  6. People who like to save
  7. Those without a pension plan
  8. Biz opp seekers or anyone looking for a second income
  9. Anyone looking to run their own profitable business.

All you have to do is ask people to watch a video! Training and support is done by team leaders! If you want more you can join the Karatbars Academy training portal which again is FREE.

Don’t wait for this opportunity to pass you by….The least you can do is get your free account now by visiting: http://solidgoldopportunity.com/free-karatbars-account/


For more information or to talk to someone contact:

Mark Daws – Karatbars International Business Partner
Cell/Whatsapp/Skype: +447802400346
Email: mark@solidgoldopportunity.com