Karatbars compensation plan for affiliates and business partners 2017

Karatbars compensation plan 2017

Karatbars provides a free starter set for all new affiliates and business partners including your own shop, landing page, digital brochures, presentations and websites. This means that anyone joining today can start immediately.

There are nine primary income options and these are:

  • double income
  • direct commission/uni-level bonus
  • generation bonus
  • Karatbars pool
  • Karatbars gold funds
  • packages bonus
  • dual team bonus
  • premium pool
  • premium professional pool

With double income new affiliates will have the possibility to and double income from direct sale of all products.

With direct commission called union level bonus, for every two euros of gold that are sold you get one unit.

With the uni-level generation bonus gives you additional percentage awards for different gold director elite levels attained.

With the Karatbars pool you can earn commissions on worldwide turnover of gold within the company.

With the Karatbars gold fund you can also earn commissions on worldwide turnover dependent on the number of lines built with 9000 points plus.

With the dual team system you can earn commissions on marketing packages sold within your team varying from 1g to 22g dependent on the package bought.

With the packages bonus you can also earn up to 20% commission on the marketing packages sold.

With the dual team bonus you earn commissions once you have achieved 75 units divided up between a left and right team where the left team reaches 25 units and the right team has reached 50 units.

With the premium pool and the premium professional pool you not only earn commissions on the sale of these packages but these packages are new monthly commissions on the number of CashGold sold.

There are additional incentive programs available through Karatbars but please refer to the video for further information.

For more information on becoming a business partner Karatbars international please visit: http://www.goldsecrets.org