Karatbars CashGold Banknotes Launched

A World First! We proudly present you: CASHGOLD!

Karatbars CEO Harald Seiz: „With CASHGOLD, you hold a global novelty in your hands that uniquely unites the reliable value of gold with the advantages of a modern payment method. My wish is to give people a chance to secure their property and existence in uncertain times and that inspired me to create CASHGOLD. Like all of us, I desire a stable and reliable world in which a secured existence is possible for us and future generations.

Your decision to purchase CASHGOLD is a step toward security and independence.“

You can now find CASHGOLD in your Back Office! Simply login, choose the Product Purchase section and choose CASHGOLD.     ­

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CASHGOLD: a brief introduction     ­
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With CASHGOLD, Karatbars International establishes an independent and alternative method of payment and exchange which can be combined with all the world’s currencies.

It only looks like a banknote to ensure everyday practicality as a method of payment.
The physical dimensions of CASHGOLD follow the format of modern payment, so that the CASHGOLD and its inextricably fixed gold ingots fit well into the usual wallet.
Look and feel is similar to that of any currency note.

Finest modern design

The design of the coated sheet looks familiar and yet different from the traditional artwork of most common banknotes. Our specialists used advanced frequency modulation screening technology to ensure precise line contours and critical colour transitions in extraordinary quality and in the highest possible resolution.

CASHGOLD’S value can be verified at anytime, anywhere in the world. Accepted accordingly, CASHGOLD is used just like cash. On top of that, CASHGOLD offers the opportunity to successively build a personal gold reserve.

State-of-the-Art Security

Our CASHGOLD’s maximum safety features are comparable to those described by the European Technical and Scientific Centre (ETSC).
Each CASHGOLD will be protected against counterfeiting due to the use of visible and invisible state-of-the-art security features, which are extremely difficult to copy.

You can now find CASHGOLD in your Back Office! Simply login, choose the ‘Product Purchase’ section and choose CASHGOLD.

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