How To Save Your Money In Gold – Karatbars Tutorial

Are you saving any money in gold?

Remember you can set up your gold savings account from as little as €50 / $56 / £39 per month and instructions on how to do that are at

Why start saving in gold?

Did you think the price of gold was going down?

You are not alone….

Over 90% of the worlds population have been tricked into thinking this by governments, banks and the press.

Banks and governments have been stockpiling gold in record numbers yet the public have been kept in the dark and/or told lies.

Take a look at the chart below which will show you the true facts about what would happened had you bought gold since 2001

Gold passed $1300 per ounce for a time yesterday…. There really is no better time to exchange paper for real money and no safer, easier way than with Karatbars.

Login at and start saving today.



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