How To Become A Karatbars Affiliate

Karatbars AffiliateWhat Is It To Be A Karatbars Affiliate

Are you a Karatbars customer thinking of becoming an affiliate? Or maybe you want to start promoting Karatbars because you heard how good their commissions are? Maybe you have realized after 6 months that Karatbars is not a scam and you are kicking yourself you didn’t start sooner (that one is me!)

Whatever your reasons let me tell you how I have helped some affiliates set up their Karatbars business and helped some customers start saving in gold.

I barely do fifteen hours a week now, most of which is writing blog posts, recording a video, phoning prospects (only when they call me) answering support questions or training new starters.

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Does Karatbars cost me much?

I paid €278.72 for my Silver Package in September 2015.

I have no monthly fee’s, targets or subscriptions.

When you buy a marketing package it is a one off cost for life!

I have almost no overheads…

I make my videos using ($18 per year), and put them on Youtube which is free.

I did some online advertising when I was building my team. I use whatsapp and skype to speak to people.

I have never had a single business partner tell me they regret joining Karatbars.

I have never had a customer call me up saying they regretted buying the gold?

Gold has risen in price by 28% in the past 3 months so why would they!

Gold doesn’t make you thin, it doesn’t remove wrinkles from your eyes, it doesn’t go out of date, it won’t go out of fashion, Karatbars won’t be seen off by the 25karat gold company!

While the revshare, lotto, crypto currency, cyclers and various online schemes come and go Karatbars keeps going strong.

There simply is no better product than gold, there is not better company selling it than Karatbars and there is no easier or more profitable business to run.

By just following the simple system to the right you can create a completely passive weekly income that’s honest.

See the Marketing Plan here:

Setting up your business takes five minutes

Once you have your free account. login at (let me know if you have any trouble with that)

Go to product purchase -> packages

Choose a marketing package – Bronze, Silver, Gold, VIP from just €125

Send me an email with your number and I’ll call you today with instructions on how to find customers.

You will receive one to one mentoring by me. I’ll be your coach, trainer, release valve, agony aunt or whatever you want me to be until your business is thriving.

We have 260 million potential customers in the USA, 50 million in The UK, we are going to bring in one million new customers this year…

We are open in 120 countries and the potential people we can reach makes my head spin.

I want to show you how to be earning thousands of euros in gold and cash by simply helping people open free gold savings accounts.

Imagine March 2018 you are financially free… The time will pass anyway.

Unstoppable Income

Karatbars will be here in five or ten years time, it is a private, growing, debt free company with no competition. Its been going strong without issue for six years and getting better every month.

Make the decision that you are going to drop everything else for the next six months, live and breathe Karatbars. That’s what I did.

You will want to give up! But you cannot fail if you don’t give up!…

In Karatbars there are no special offers, no reason to sign up today. Karatbars allows people to take their time, do their due diligence and when they do they will be happy.

Everything they learned at will only be confirmed to them when they do their research.

It may not be the right time to become a business partner or gold saver today but the door is always open at Karatbars.

No fee’s, subscriptions or charges means when you register you have an account for life.

Please get in touch if you need anything at all..