How To Become A Karatbars Affiliate And Business Partner

How To Become A Karatbars Affiliate

If you are thinking of becoming an affiliate or business partner for a gold e-commerce company then you should consider joining Karatbars international’s affiliate program.

It is simple and easy to join as there are no costs, fees, monthly subscriptions or hidden charges and is effectively a free business that you can run from the comfort of your own home.

Karatbars provides you with your own shop, landing page, brochures, presentations and website to promote this fantastic business opportunity.

Register for free:

You can run the business on or off-line depending on your own skill set. For example if you are more comfortable with face-to-face presentations for online marketing.

Karatbars has a presence in over hundred and 19 countries worldwide and so your marketing efforts can be aimed globally instead of just locally.

There are no targets to achieve and you don’t need any particular experience to run this business. You get paid weekly and have the potential for unlimited income.

The business model could not be simpler. You become a professional inviter rather than trying to convince people of the merits of gold ownership. The first step is to invite people to a presentation where all of the details about the opportunity presented in an informative way. Next, the potential clients goes to register on the Karatbars website via your own personalised link and then there sponsor answers any questions they may still have and provides training via a website.

You can be up and running within 60 minutes. All you need to do is register as an affiliate in contact your sponsor (or he will contact you). You can have a website ready within an hour and be paid by next Friday depending on how proactive you are.

To watch the full presentation visit: or email: