Gold Savings Account With Karatbars KaratPay

So what is Karatbars Karatpay?

Details are still to be released but early reports reveal that Karatbars is launching a new app in January 2017 called Karatpay.

This means you will be able to pay for things you want using gold by exchanging your devaluing paper currency into gold and then spending it via the Karatpay network.

This will operate similar to other gold backed cards like gold money where you can deposit money into an account whether that be currency or physical gold and then draw down on the value of that money to pay for goods and services via a credit card type format.

The Karatpay at is going to place Karatbars family in the mainstream of currency apps and bring the Karatbars brand to millions of people around the world.

It should be free to download the Karatpay at as it is to register for a Karatbars account where you can buy gold by the gram and protect yourself from the ravages of inflation and madness of the central banks money printing scheme which has to come to an end at some point very soon.

If you would like to open a free Karatbars account and start saving gold on a regular basis then please visit to learn more.