5 Dollar Indian Head Gold Coin

The $5 Indian Head Gold Coin

1914 Indian Head Gold Coin

Along with the Double Eagle, Eagle and Quarter Eagle, this coin was part of President Theodore Roosevelt’s plan to invigorate America’s coinage.

Bela Lyon Pratt’s Half Eagle design followed the same radical design approach he used for the Indian Head Quarter Eagle.

Unlike traditional coin designs where all the design elements, as well as the rim, are in raised relief above a flat field, Pratt employed an incuse approach, in which the design elements are recessed below the surface.

Because there is no raised rim the flat field is the highest surface on the coin. Produced at the Philadelphia, San Francisco, New Orleans and Denver mints. This piece come in a mint state 62, and are certified by PCGS. Ships from and sold by Legacy Coins & Capital Llc.

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