$10,000 Gold? How The Gold Silver Ratio Is Now At An Historic High

In this video the SGTReport interviews Gary Christenson to talk about his new book ‘Gold Value and Gold Prices From 1971 – 2021 concluding Gold will hit $10,000 and Silver $500-$1000 an ounce by 2021.

Gary uses simple mathematical projections using current levels of government spending, physical scarcity and the Gold to Silver ratio, which is now at an historic high of 80:1

But dont go out and buy paper Gold and Silver as this is manipulated to the extreme.

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And if you think Gary is crazy then look at many of the other experts in the Gold Silver space:

Mike Maloney $15,000
Jim Sinclair $12,455
Jim Rickards $4,000-10,000
Howard Katz $14,000

This was put out by Swiss America and 133 analysts believe Gold will go parabolic!

You can get his book here:

Table of Contents:

Introduction – Why we need a model

Part 1         The Gold Empirical Model – a GEM

1.       Experts who don’t agree

2.       Gold prices – the last 42 years

3.       We need a model

4.       The model uses macro-economic variables

5.       The empirical formula used in the model

6.       Results from the model

7.       Gold prices projected into the future

8.       Gold prices are managed and manipulated

9.       Is $10,000 gold possible?  What would be necessary?

10.     Gold market cycles

11.     Gold ratios to the Dow, silver, and crude oil

12.     Gold – the big picture

Part 2         More Reasons to Own Gold

13.     Counter-party risk

14.     The Fed, interest rates, QE and inflation

15.     Central bank gold sales

Part 3         Action Plan

16.     How and where to purchase gold

17.     When to sell gold

18.     Market bubbles and implications for gold prices


Appendix One:

Notes, additional analysis, and further commentary on gold prices

Appendix Two:

References and internet links



Gary Christenson

The Deviant Investor


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